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Traditions, traditions.

Parent Teach Day

Through this ritual, almost as old as the school itself, parents lead classes for a day. The topics? Almost anything—making flashlights from mint tins, baking bread, crafting mittens, studying electronic circuitry, even playing Capture the Flag with everyone.

Independent Research Projects

From Kindergarten on up, students select a topic, dive into research and then present what they know to their peers, parents and other classes as well.

Spring Fair

This delightfully low-tech affair draws together the Charlottesville community. Students, parents, alumni and friends gather for balloon tosses, fortune telling, pony rides, food, music and a magical fairy trail.

May Day

At this annual celebration of spring and renewal, students put on a concert, crown a king or queen, and weave ribbons around maypoles. The company of parents and grandparents, live music, and a picnic lunch add to the merriment.


The entire school gathers to end the year with music, singing, food and remarkable speeches by fifth-grade graduates. These addresses are funny, sweet and insightful, drawing a few tears and many smiles.

We’re helping shape individuals who are thoughtful, creative, independent and kind.

—Free Union Teacher AND Parent